MS T&T Cleaner 2.0 (5 gal)

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MS T&T Cleaner 2.0 (Truck & Trailer) is a safe and effective brushless cleaner designed for use on all farm related equipment and machinery.

Benefits of MS T&T Cleaner 2.0

  • Economical low use rate of 1% - 2% - (Less than 7oz to wash a crew cab truck) 

  • 100% Biodegradable and the rinse water is environmentally safe with no restrictions, even to marine and plant life

  • This product is not a true degreaser and will not remove wax. (Hot water will remove wax.) 

  • Clear coat safe and prevents scratching from brushes and dirty rags 

  • Thick foam adheres on contact, so dirt and road grime will be removed with proper washing techniques. 

  • The best brushless cleaner available for tires and stubborn bug debris. 

  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, trailers, RV’s, vinyl siding, tractors, walls and many other farming applications 

  • Available in 22kg (5.1 gal) 

Application Instructions 

  • Pre-rinse heavy dirt, mud and polished aluminum trailers or tanks 

  • Add T&T Cleaner to the tank and do not dilute 

  • Apply product with cold water and adjust foam canon dial for shaving cream thick foam (a dial settings of 2-4) 

  • Soaking time: 1-5 minutes but do not allow the foam to dry or slide off the surface 

  • Aluminum should be pre-rinsed, foamed and immediately washed 

  • Wash with a green or yellow nozzle and hot or cold water 

  • Wash from the bottom up, rinse down and then thoroughly rinse a second time to finish 

  • Dry the surface or rinse with reverse osmosis/filtered water to avoid water spots 

Note: For best results, it is strongly recommended to use the right equipment and application method. Not every hose and high-pressure foam gun can be used to administer the perfect layer of thick foam.


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